Having first arrived in the High Desert of Southern California in 1962, Paul has made it his home. After graduating High School, Paul served his country in the United States Army. Shortly after serving in the United States Army, Paul began his career in the mortgage industry.

Paul is a former Victorville Planning Commissioner and active member of his community.

Why Paul?

Paul remembers when people came from all over the world to live, work, and play in California. Now, people are leaving the state at an unprecedented level, and after more than a decade of one-party rule in California, things have only gotten worse. Gone are the days when Republicans and Democrats in California would work together for the betterment of our state, as a result, we see record high taxes, skyrocketing home prices, and rampant homelessness. Paul is running to change all of this. If elected, Paul looks forward to working with members of both parties to help get our state back on the right track by working to cut taxes for working Californians, reduce regulations on families looking to build and purchase homes, and by working with state and local partners to address the growing homeless problem in our state.

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