On the Issues


California families are hurting. Inflation is at record highs, gas is over five dollars a gallon, and residents of the High Desert are hurting more than most. Many families in Antelope and Victor Valleys have daily commutes of over an hour and are suffering as Sacramento elites continue with their one size fits all approach. We need legislators who are willing to stand up to Sacramento politicians and put California families first. I plan on working with both parties to deliver results to California families. If elected, I look forward to working to cut taxes, waste, and reckless spending, while also working to attract higher paying jobs to our desert communities.


Crime is on the rise in California. We need someone who will stand by law enforcement, and give them the tools they needs to protect our communities. While Sacramento politicians are supporting policies that release violent criminals into our streets, I promise to fight back and call out crime for what it is.


Homelessness has been an exploding issue in our state over the last several years. Sacramento politicians continue to make promises while not delivering results. I'm committed to giving local governments the resources they need to help address this issue, while also balancing a compassionate approach with a zero-tolerance policy for those who abuse our compassion and disregard our laws.


California continues to fall behind the rest of the nation when it comes to the quality of our educational system. Over the past two years, while Sacramento politician's were lining up behind the teacher's union to keep our schools closed, California children suffered. If elected, I promise to put our children first.